Sunday, July 24, 2005

Three weeks in July

Today is the last day of the Tour. I always love watching the race on TV. It's nice to see cycling getting so much exposure. With Lance retiring, I wonder what next year will be like. There's been a good enough showing by the other Yanks this year that makes me hope that the Only Lance Network won't limit the coverage in 2006. It should be a very interesting race. I predict Basso will win.

I've been enjoying the sweltering heat of Colorado again for the last couple of weeks. It's been consistently over 100F for a while now. It certainly makes for very hot riding. I did this ride the other morning that actually made me feel like I was boiling. It wasn't so much the heat coming from above me, but from the ground. Going up higher doesn't make much difference, either. The only thing that does is make it harder for me to breathe. I'm not complaining though. I've been riding as much as possible, even if it's just along the many bike paths in Boulder to visit my friend CJ at the Sports Garage, possibly one of the nicest shops I've seen. I've been spending some good time with CJ. We've been keeping each other cheery in the wake of respective end of relationship blues.

Not much to say on the state of the World at the moment as I've been keeping my head firmly buried. I'm once again sickened by more London bombings, and saddened by a tragic accident that claimed the life of and Australian national team cyclist. I'm really just trying to ride my bike as much as possible, and spend some time with the friends here that present welcome distractions.

Friday, July 08, 2005

Holier than thou

My heart weeps for London, and I'm reminded once again why I sometimes hate people. In this case, I hate people who themselves are filled with a hate that leads them to do unconscionable things in the name of a higher power. That really pisses me off.

In the same week that saw a city jubilant with the announcement of winning the Olympic bid, and celebrating world unity during the Live 8 concert, London bore witness to another attention grabbing event. I was impressed by the calm response to this by my friends. I think I was more emotional about it than they were. I don't know what's worse, the actual bombing, or the fact that the British reaction to it was one that didn't terribly affect people in the same dramatic way that it would have here simply because city bombings are something that Britain got used to. No one should have to get used to something like that. Nevertheless, I love the fact that the general attitude is one of keeping the head held high, and reacting with grace and reserve rather than the over-reaction and 'git 'r done' attitude that would be so prevalent here. Just another reason why I love the UK so much.

I suppose I should attempt to switch gears on to a more light-hearted subject, although it seems that Sheep Are Great has become a place for me to express my discontent.

The Tour is on, and I really enjoy this time of year for that reason. I love watching the coverage, although after being fortunate enough to watch Eurosport in pub during the race last year, it's hard to come back to the Lance heavy OLN coverage. Still, beggars can't be choosers, and for that reason I'm happy to get any bit of tv exposure. Plus, I get to see Bob Roll, which as everyone knows is the center of my secret crush.

I'm back in Wisconsin for the weekend, but head out on Sunday to begin the drive back to the oasis of Boulder for another 3 weeks. Yee haw!

Still missing everyone overseas, and hoping to pay a visit in the near future.