Saturday, April 12, 2008

Isolated Rain Shower

I had a dark cloud over my head today.

I finally had a chance to ride some trails down in Baltimore/DC last weekend. Yay!

I was back down there for a couple of nights and went for another ride on the trails yesterday. Yay!

Today, I'm supposed to meet up with Demo DaveO and our Philly sales rep for a ride, before heading into Philly to hang out with Lockwood. The forecast is calling for scattered thunderstorms, and if the drive home is any indication of what's to come, they are going to be heavy.

So I thought I'd better sneak out for a little ride this morning while it was still bright and sunny. Just something to spin out the legs after yesterday's hard singlespeed affair. To the beach and back. Sounds good.

Frazier was wanting some exercise, so I hopped on the bike and rode down the street with him trotting along. He managed to find something disgusting to eat. Probably a dead fish or some poo. Hooray.

Anyhoo...I got him back and noticed the sky was changing to grey, clouds were approaching and the wind was picking up. I start to pedal out and decide to go a different direction in case it started to pour. There are lots of straight-as-an-arrow flat roads around here that link up to other roads of the same ilk. It was doing that big-drop sprinkle thing, so I decided to do a giant square and head back to the house.

Just as I turned on to the road here, it started to rain quite hard. The house is 2 miles or so from the other end of the road, and it rained hard on me the whole way. Just enough to ensure that I was soaked by the time I got home.

To add insult, I looked to my left and noticed the gorgeous multitude of blue sky. It was just a passing shower, but one that followed me every direction I went. Within 5 minutes after getting back to the house it stopped raining and all evidence of the passing rain was gone.

Unbelievable. My luck couldn't be any worse!

In lighter news, today is Simon's birthday. Happy Birthday man with lovely lips, and eyes like limpid pools! Or, LLLP. ;~)

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

We don't need no stinking plate!

So possibly the worst salad eating experience ever just happened to me.

My mom made an awesome salad for dinner. Custom and everything. She knows how much I love olives, so an extra helping was given to me. Some green onions, some sliced cherry tomatoes, mixed greens, and topped with some balsamic vinegar and oil. So I took it to the back room because I was engrossed in a bad movie. I plonked on the futon and began to dig in. I either had a dull fork, or tough veggies. Here's what happened:

1) One olive launched itself over the edge when my fork slid across the plate trying to stab a piece of lettuce.
2) While attempting to stab at one of the tomatoes, the fork bucked, splashing dressing and 3 more olives off the plate, and onto the quilt covering the futon.
3) I decided to give up on stabbing, and thought scooping would be the answer. I had a forkload, all of which fell except for one olive.
4) A few more bites later, I attempted stabbing one more time. The stalk of a piece of spinach was wrapped under the leaf and sprang loose just before I got the fork to my mouth, causing vinegar and oil to fling into my right eye. That did not feel good.

Finally I finished, but with a somewhat less than satisfied feeling. I felt like I had been waring with my food.

Fortunately, I went and got some Banana Bread Beer to wash things down. Who needs salad!