Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Rough couple of days

No post in a while, and this one won't be long because frankly, I'm just not in the mood. But, since enquiring minds have been wanting to know, I'm giving an update here.

1) The job I was hoping for in the Trek UK office didn't pan out. Not because someone else was hired, but because the needs of the marketing department changed between the time the job was posted, and now. So, it's off the table for the time being.

Silver lining: They didn't hire someone else for something I was obviously qualified to do, and there's a very slim chance (although I refuse to let myself believe it) that the subject will be revisited in the coming months.

2) Apparently, despite no family history of it, I have vitiligo. As some of you know, I developed some itchy patches of skin on my legs and elsewhere that were depigmented. All cursory research I did about vitiligo didn't mention anything about it starting out as a rash, but after my dermatologist visit this morning, it appears that's what I have. So, I now have to have some blood tests to check for a thyroid condition or some auto-immune disease.

Silver lining: it's not cancer, and I had a physical the other day which showed that I have perfect blood pressure. I had to have blood drawn for that this morning and hopefully I won't have to get stuck again for the new tests ordered by the dermatologist.

So that's my big news. I'm in a bit of a funk as a result, as you might guess, but I'm trying to keep things in perspective. Things could obviously be worse. I'm still not in a very good mood right now, though.