Thursday, October 10, 2013

We Can Be Heroes

This post is about the value of friendship, so there.

I'm having a slight difference of opinion with a friend.

This friend objects to the idea that I think he's a hero. He has some sort of weird ass set of criteria in his head that he thinks defines a hero, or someone who is heroic, poor lad. He doesn't understand that to me, all of my friends are heroes.

It's been a pretty rough couple of weeks for me. There's been something in the air, so I know other people have felt it, too. The best part of the last 14 days has been the various chatting I've been doing with my friends.  So for me, it's heroic when someone picks you up when you aren't feeling your best. It's heroic when someone provides a shoulder to lean on, or makes you laugh, or consoles you when you hear bad news. And there's been a lot of bad news in the last couple of weeks. 

There are also many toxic people in the world. People who feed on negativity. Ones who have nothing good to say about anyone, or anything. Those that would steal your light. Who hide behind keyboards and Twitter handles, and generally have nothing positive to contribute to your daily routine. They seems to be marching in formation lately. My friends share a common trait in that they have a general dislike for soul destroyers, but somehow never seem to lose hope that humanity can be good, and that's heroic.

My Mom and Dad are my ultimate heroes.

My sister showers me with love. Hero.

Derek keeps bees. Bees are in trouble. Hero.

Kim reminds me that it's ok to be from a different place, and pronounce words the way we were taught. Hero.

Alex fosters dogs who are undergoing medical treatment. Hero.

SteveM sees beauty every day that us mere mortals overlook. Hero.

Stuart is overwhelmingly positive and makes you feel like every idea is the best ever. Hero.

Lesli is whacky and nuts, and manages to keep moving forward somehow. Hero.

Sara keeps me sane. Filters things that I can't see clearly. Cries and laughs with me. Hero.

The list of people and characteristics that I'm fortunate enough to know could carry on, but ideally the point I'm trying to make is evident.

I don't know if luck is a real thing, or not.  If it is, then it has thrown me some crumbs in the form of my family and friends.

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Dufus said...

I like you. :-)