Thursday, February 10, 2005

Burnt pancakes

Oy! Long overdue for this one...

I made it back into the country twice. Both times without hassle. Very relieved, to say the least.

I find out tomorrow about the Trek job. I have mixed emotions at this point. It will be fun if I get it, but it might just be more fun if I don't judging by the list of activities happening in the UK this year. Oh's in the hands of fate and other people at this point.

So Norway...the one thing that hit me most while I was there is the fact that life is pretty identical for most (civilized) nations, it seems. People in Norway go shopping, deal with weather, go to restaurants, recreate, and all the other things we do. The fact that they do it in a different language is about the only thing that means that we aren't {i}exactly{/i} the same for the most part. Obviously there are some other cultural differences, but I just found it really easy to work into the normal routine of life while I was there, language-barrier aside (particularly since English is pretty common).

I had this knee injury that kept me off the slopes for a day, and while I was holed up in the apartment I found out that there's a bevy of American and British tv shows, broadcast in English, with Norwegian subtitles. For a while, as I sat there with ice on my knee watching tv, I forgot the fact that I was in a country that I'd never been to before, nor had any of my family.

It was a fun trip, and I'm glad to be back in the UK now. Tomorrow will determine how much longer I'm here.

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