Sunday, April 03, 2005

Out like a lion

First, a picture of a cute, skipping, wonky lamb:

And now, on to today...

So I'm in Toledo, Ohio. It's between Cleveland, and Chicago and sits on the coast of Lake Erie. It's got a downtown skyline, but really it's a small city. The city's biggest claims to fame are the Toledo Mudhens, a minor league baseball team, and the fact that Max Clinger from M*A*S*H was said to be from here. It was a good enough place to stop for the night though, even though there was still plenty of daylight left. Stopping before midnight on a cross country trip is rare for me, but I had the following things working against me today:

1) Jet lag
2) The clocks moved forward last night
3) It snowed all the way across the State of Pennsylvania, which for those playing along at home is a pretty big State. My north then west route made it probably about 300 miles worth of a big ole snow storm that looked like this from my view:

I was happy to make it this far, and given the fact that I cross a time zone tomorrow, I'll make it to Madison at a reasonable hour.

I read RHS' blog this morning before I left, and he said something that I understood, but in a slightly different context. In his case, driving helped him to clear the fog he was feeling when he left Vienna. For me, every mile I drive west is a reminder that I'm getting further away from a place I really want to be. It doesn't escape me how much of a broken record I am about this. Perhaps I'll feel less of a need to talk about it out loud as the summer progresses.

Chipps told me once that I'd adjust to life back in the States. Actually, I hope not.

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Nick said...

We hope you don't adapt to life back in the States either. Come back soon. Nick & Kirsty.