Monday, May 05, 2008

"You guys got any milk?"

Well...After some considerable delay, I've managed to find the time and motivation to write another post. I'm not entirely sure that my cogitations and musings have been missed, but either way I'm happy to present you with more.

I've had a very busy April. The busiest I've had since becoming a road warrioress, it has to be said. I was fortunate enough to have gotten to work with the ever-pleasant DaveO, and this past weekend Mr. Demo Derrico, whose music collection is the best I've ever heard since it meshes so well with my personal tastes.

As a result of the business, I haven't done much that's worth telling. I've ridden, I've worked, I've not taken many pictures, or had any moments of gut-busting hillarity. It hasn't been without some enjoyment though.

My encounters with people who continue to provide me with reasons Why I Hate People has also been minimal. There have been some examples here and there, as there always are, but nothing terribly glaring.

I recently got a copy of Wuthering Heights on CD to listen to in the car. I wanted to read the book that was written so near to where I used to live in England. I needed to do something about the fact that I'd never read it, and now after having finished the audiobook I'm left with the following that I pose for debate:

If you listen to a book on tape, can you say that you've 'read' it? If someone asks me if I've read Wuthering Heights, can I say yes?

I've thought of the following possible answers:

1) Yes
2) Yes, er no. Um, yes but no.
3) Yes but not really.
4) No, but I have listened to it.
5) I'm familiar with the story.

In truth, I think that I am much more focused on it while listening that I would be if I were turning the pages myself. I don't glance over details or narratives, and if I do miss something it's only in the time it takes me to make an exit or turn.

In other notes, SSUK was over the weekend and I'm not at all bummed about missing it. Oh no. I mean come on! I was in Peoria. How could I possibly have entertained thoughts that Scotland, along with my best friends in the world could be better than that?


BH said...

yes. Because if you find yourself halfway through a book on tape and the tape gets eaten by your tape deck , If you then get the paper book and read the portion of the book that is munched and then pick up the tape again when they match up it is seamless in your mind. Afterwords you cant remember which part of the book was paper and which was magnetic. And it is easier on the eyes. otherwise I am illiterate.

Dave_A said...

Wuthering Bikes is better and you've been there :o)

I'm not really gay said...

more blogs now, if I can do it so can you

and you weren't at all missed over the weekend, no one asked about you, no one talked about you, no one passed any comment about you, its as though you never existed

you cock

you were missed :-)

Simon said...

Listening to books is much better than reading them and as Dave said, Wuthering Bikes is much better than Wuthering Heights :)

G as in Chris said...

Wuthering Bikes is indeed most enjoyable. I wouldn't mind having a repeat of it if I can make it over next month!

Thanks for the input, Brent. I believe you are right, you are otherwise illiterate. :~)

Speedbuggy said...

Wow, color the odd man out, but gawd I hate Wuthering Heights and I despise the Bronte sister.

And having worked with Brent for the last three years, I can vouch for the fact that he cannot read. The number of emails I have sent him that have gone unread because of his illiteracy is staggering.