Sunday, March 13, 2005

Freshly shaved boy legs

Congratulations to Chipps for buying a house!

I think I did the coldest road ride I've ever done today. The temperature was about 25 or so, and it was windy so it felt much colder than that. The tops of my thighs were really cold. Nevertheless, it was great to get out on the bike. I went with Krista, who is the brand manager at Trek for the women's specific products. She's a lot of fun, and had I not lost the feeling in my toes I would have been happy to ride much longer with her.

It's Sunday, so I've had some chocolate. It's so lovely! It's even better when I deny myself the luxury for 6 days.

It's true that women dig a shaved pair of legs on a man, and thinking about it on certain people is very nice indeed! It's for that reason that it shouldn't be joked about. It's the opposite of imagining someone in a red sequined dress.


steve said...

red dress indeed ;-/

Nick said...

Welcome return of the blog :-)