Friday, March 18, 2005

Turning over a new leaf

I don't think I can make statements about other people having a change of attitude anymore without recognizing that I'm in just as much need of one as anyone else. I need to figure out a way to become a duck. Actually, I thought I was getting better and letting things roll off my back, but there's only so much negativity a person can take.

There's so much that I love about the UK and my friends there. The one thing I can't get used to is the constant criticism. I guess it really is a cultural thing. I didn't grow up in the environment of 'low expectations', and as a result it's really hard for me to deal with it when it comes in such a high dosage. And, it's not even me that's on the receiving! It's not that I want or expect everyone to think like me. How boring would that be? But good grief! How nit picky can people be!? God it's just so irritating.

It's amazing how positive things can become after a nice beer, though. :~)

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