Thursday, July 10, 2008

7 Pounds in 5 Weeks

I'm overdue for another long post, which I'll get to at some point. For now, I'm posting to make known a mission that I've undertaken with Sara the Randle. We've decided to lose 7 pounds by Singlespeed Worlds, which is in 5 weeks' time. It's a reasonable goal, and it will involve much bike riding and eating right.

Of course, between now and then is the little issue of work. The bulk of my August will be spent in Wisconsin for the Trek dealer show. My riding will be somewhat limited, but I will be literally sweating my ass off, so that should help.

Weigh in was this morning. There's no way in hell I'm posting how much I weigh, but I will indicate how much I've lost when I have a chance to step on a scale next. Maybe I'll borrow mom and dad's scale for a bit, in the interest of consistency.

Bring on the carrot sticks!


Rob Fisk said...

Piece of piss - Tim loses that much regularly in a couple of days :)

I'm not really gay said...

I knew you were dieting and you denied it

eat fruit instead of chocolate

G as in Chris said...

Rob: is that when he has a particularly large poo?

Steve: I wasn't dieting! Did you see how much I ate at the pub!? I'm still not dieting. Just changing where the calories come from for a bit.

And what are you thinking, suggesting I give up chocolate!? Pfffttt.

Matt said...

Well there goes the drunkin' nights at T World.

G as in Chris said...

Absolutely, Matt. I've even considered giving up beer for a while. I had one last night, though.

I am looking forward to doing those morning commutes to the office though.

Rob Fisk said...

You left two bottles of Banana Beer at mine - ace for cleaning cassettes :)

Simon said...

That's about all it's good for Rob :)

Roly said...

Do you want a Weight Race then Chris? - I have to put on what you loose. Wanna borrow my skinsuit as motivation?

Ross said...

Don't worry, I'll probably stab you in the jaw on the first night at dealer show and your inability to eat solid foods will really speed your progress toward your weight loss goal.

See, I've got your back.