Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Censorship sucks

I've been censored. We had this other blogger for our demo tour ( Some lawyer came over to the web guy at Trek who set it up for us and said it had to be shut down. Apparently, the company doesn't want to have ties to any more blog sites. We didn't break any rules, but we can't use it now. No one is happy. Well, the lawyer might be...I guess there's going to be some message board somewhere, but I'm not sure how that's going to work yet.

Anyhoo...I'm way behind on lots of posting. I'm in the middle of nowhere, Texas at the moment. I'm not sure what time zone I'm in, and I'm in desperate need of several nights of quality sleep. I'm hoping that will come while I'm in Houston.


Nick said...

it was the picture of the toilet that did it :-)

Ryan said...

I don't get it either ... and I'm the web guy. Censorship does suck and it ruins the whole point behind having a blog in the first place.

Nick said...

Help Piers keep his sheep under control :-)