Saturday, May 28, 2005

French France

I think it's safe to say that the journey back from France has amounted to the worst travel day I've ever experienced. I'll spare the gory details, because ultimately that would take away from the great time I had while in Morzine. What an amazing trip! I have to say that there's something really nice about going to a ski town at the beginning of summer, before their summer season starts. The place was a veritable ghost town. The lifts weren't open to take the guys up, but there were mini bus shuttles aplenty. Since I was still fairly ill, I took lots of pictures of people riding. I didn't actually do any riding myself until the last day of the trip, but I absolutely loved the r&r that being in the Alps afforded me for a week.

As for pictures...well, I took about 100 a day. There are tons to sort through, and between Craig, Chipps, and myself there's probably enough to fill many mags worth of galleries. I might get 'round to creating a proper viewing page, or see if I can get Andy to host some on ShitShifter for me, but in the meantime here were a couple of popular snaps. The first is the one I took, and the second is how it looked from where Chipps was standing.

I'm going to quit now. I'm sitting in the airport in Dallas waiting for my third flight of the day which is 2 hours delayed. My body thinks it's 3:30 in the morning. I'd like to write more about the trip, but I think I'll wait until I'm more fresh.


Simon said...

That top pic is fantastic Chris :)

Anonymous said...

Man that dude in the top photo rules! Is he sponsored or something?

Hot Blonde Chick with big boobs :)

matt2.4 said...

The top pic is ace, shame about the bloke gurning in it ;p