Thursday, June 02, 2005


Got back to southern California today. The smog cloud started about 45 miles outside of the LA suburbs (which are another 40 miles from downtown). There's a lot of people here that think this is the best place on Earth to live. I think my lungs might have some objection to that notion.

Made a stop in Tucson the other night to stay with Rudi and Aimee. Really quality people...very warm and welcoming and generally easy to talk to. Rudi showed me a new painting he did that has a rider going over the heads of babies. You know, 'baby heads'. It's great. I showed them the pictures from the Morzine trip and while doing so Rudi grabbed some A4 paper and a Sharpie and started mad sketching some of the images he saw on the screen. By the end of it he had about 10 pieces of paper with these really cool Sharpie interpretations of the pics. He gave me a couple of them that I will hopefully be able to show RHS and SexMidget. One is a shot of RHS similar to the one below, but from later in the day when he was looking back at me while in mid air, and the other is of Midge jumping a gap. Not sure if either of them know Rudi's work, although it's hard to miss it if one is a regular reader of Dirt Rag. I'll be seeing them again one more time on the way back to Texas. Hopefully we'll get a ride in this time.

I'm just about over my battle with pneumonia. I'll be on to a different fight soon to try and regain any semblance of fitness that I may have once had. I miss my singlespeed, although right now would be a terrible time for me to ride it. We're coming up on spending a few weeks in Colorado. Hopefully I'll have gotten in some miles before then. Subjecting myself to altitude just after a serious respiratory ailment without at least starting to get fit is not something I'm looking forward to. The number of people in Boulder that I'll get to see is pretty exciting though.

Right, I'm going to end this entry. I'm pretty wiped out and feel myself just rambling.

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