Thursday, December 16, 2004

Oh shit! (And repeat...)

No one wants to die on their birthday. I doubt anyone wants to have a near death experience on their birthday, either.

Let me tell you about a little something called 'brake fade'. This is a lovely thing that happens to your brakes when you need them most. They sort of just stop working. Brake fade is not something you want to experience while riding down a steep, muddy, somewhat rocky descent that has a big ass drop off on one side. Brake fade isn't something you want to have when there are other riders in front of you with functioning brakes. Brake fade isn't something you want to have well, ever really. Tonight, I had brake fade and let me tell you, it's not fun. I managed to hold on, find a clean line, and not send myself flying over the side of the trail. I also managed to avoid running over SteveM, although the though of hitting him did cross my mind because at least I'd have a chance of stopping. Fortunately, he managed to work himself to the right leaving me a rideable line around him to the left. I felt the fear in my legs long after I managed to slow myself down to a normal pace. Then I got 'Elvis legs' as someone called them in the pub afterwards, uncontrollable spasming.

Certainly not my best ride. I suppose I was due for a bad one given the fact that on my recent rides I've been halfway decent technically. I wish it hadn't happened on my birthday, though. I was well spooked.

Aside from that, it was a good day. Chipps adopted a mango tree in a reforestation project for me, and I was positively showered with chocolate. And Stanny on the Coiler! I think he's found his true calling.

The best part of the ride were the people who came along. You guys are all terrific. Thanks for making my birthday special.

Now...on to the raspberry Belgian!


steve said...

In hindsight I'd have preferrred you to have run into me, scared the bloody life out of me you did

cock ;-)

G as in Chris said...

As I flew by you I heard you say "Carful Chris!". I remember laughing to myself then, thinking if I could be careful, I would be. :~)

Anonymous said...

Cheers for sharing the birthday, it was purely belta, apart from the near death stuff. Does make you feel so much more alive though, doesn't it?