Friday, December 17, 2004

The people you meet...

I met John North today.

There's an incredible guy. Chipps had told me about him before, but I'd never met him. He used to be a runner, and at one point ran for the British National team. He got into cycling along the way as well. Anyhoo, after 20 years he had to have his hip replaced. He asked for a carbon fiber one because it's lighter. But before that, he had a really nasty cancer, from which he recovered. All the while he kept riding and was successful at the Three Peaks Cyclocross race, which many argue is the toughest 'cross race in the world. Chipps says he's never known him to be totally healthy. At the Three Peaks this year, he was again on crutches because he'd crashed on his new hip. Over the last year or so it, aside from the crash, it looked like he was finally out of the woods.

John came to the office today, and told us he has Parkinson's disease.

This is one of those mysteries of the universe. A guy like John, overwhelmingly nice, wouldn't hurt a fly, would probably help out someone in any way he could. For the better part of his adult life he's had some sort of ailment, yet he's still a happy guy. In the meantime, there are people in the world who carry on being a waste of space.


steve said...

Hmmm, thats sad news, mind I'll bet that it doesn't stop the old bugger

G as in Chris said...

He's still riding, but he's already noticed the effects of the disease. He sounded very optimistic when he said that the current drugs can increase life expectancy to about 10 years.

Nick said...

I rmember racing against John over 10 years ago now, when he was going through cancer treatment. I was talkgin to him before the race...

"You're still racing though?"

"Yes, but I can't ride too hard or I black out".

One hour later in the woods and I hear a familiar voice behind me.

"On, your left".