Thursday, December 23, 2004

Tomato, Tomahtoe...Winterlike, Springlike

Right, so you know how I said that it was definitely winter here when I landed? That lasted for all of about 12 hours after I got here. Yesterday, it was 50. Today, it was 60. No sun though.

I took the fixie out for a ride yesterday. I really love riding that thing, despite the torture device for a saddle that it has. It's a chrome Bianchi, with a chrome WTB saddle, and I just haven't worked up the courage to put on a more comfortable saddle yet. Function follows form, after all! Maybe I should get one of those chrome SDG jobbies. Yeah, that's it!

Anyhoo...riding for a long time on a fixie isn't something that you can just go out and do after a long hiatus. So it makes perfect sense that I would hop on like I'd been riding it every day and head out for just shy of 30 miles. Today, I have some significant soreness in the nether regions, since it was probably about 10 miles futher than my body could tolerate easily on the saddle. It was probably about 10 miles further than I should have made my legs take me, as well. As a result, I was walking a little funny afterwards, and well, I won't be sitting on any 2x4's for the next couple of days. Nevertheless, I cruised oceanside for a long time, and stopped for some Mack&Manco's along the way for lunch. It was an absolutetly gorgeous day at the shore. Today, despite being warmer, it's been raining all day. What country am I in again?

If it ain't fixed, it's broken.

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