Monday, December 27, 2004

Yee haaw! Gawd damn! I'm an Amer'kin!

Today, in a sort of off-handed way, I was accused of making anti-American comments (see the link above). I find this amusing.

I think the US is great. It's some of the people I have a problem with. It seems that the accuser is one of those people who thinks that if I don't support the goverment that I'm anti-American. This country was founded via revolt against a government. The Civil War was faught over States Rights (slavery). As Americans, we aren't supposed to agree with everything the government does! Sheesh, I thought that was obvious.


No riding today. It's positively frigid here. The windchill made it feel like 15 degrees (F). I went running yesterday as a result, so I'm now very sore. I sure would rather be riding my bike. I suppose I should just suck it up and go. Get on the right layers, put on the overshoes, and have a go. Worst case, it's too cold and I turn back, then pound the pavement with running shoes on.

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