Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Music to my ears

Today, I felt a great sense of satisfaction. There was something that I wanted, but had little information about the object, or how to get it. I hunted. I searched. I queried. I went forth and fought the hard fight...that's right, I used the internet.

I was watching a movie today that had a trailer for Vanity Fair. The most noteworthy thing about the trailer wasn't Reece Witherspoon pulling off a halfway decent British accent. Nor was it the subject of the movie. No, it was a track played during the trailer. I've heard this piece before in other movies, but had no idea who it was by or what it was called. It isn't on the movie soundtrack, so that was a dead end. Finally, I happened on some forum (the places to find the answers to EVERYTHING) and low and behold, there was my answer. Nara, by E.S. Posthumus. A quick search on iTunes revealed the album, and a couple of clicks later there it was, in my library. It's such an amazing piece of music. Click the link above (that says Music to my ears) to hear a bad 2 minute sample, or if you have iTunes go find it there. Riveting!

Here's a special shout out to mah homies Jenn and Jo kickin' it in da BES (Brighton, East Sussex). Quite possibly the only two people who read my rants.

Long live Mint Sauce/Ride Kona Bikes ;~)

No word from Trek yet. And come the 26th, I'm going to just gate crash immigration at the airport.


steve said...

Quite possibly the only two people who read my rants.

Not neccesarily ;-)

Jenn said...

heh. Hello :o)

Should we send the getaway sheep to meet you at Gatwick?!

G as in Chris said...

Yes, please send a fast getaway sheep, and one to lug my snowboard.

Sorry Steve, didn't mean to leave you out. I thought you'd gotten bored a long time ago!

steve said...

cock ;-)

Anonymous said...

yup... publish your blogURL on dirtrag and alsorts wander in to take a look around...



good luck with immigration!

Simon said...

I'm sure loads of people read your rants Chris :^)

Do you want one of us to come out and smuggle you back in a suitcase?

G as in Chris said...

Good idea Simon. Bring over an empty bike case and I'll fold myself into it.

Nick said...

Smuggle you back in a suitcase?

That's just conjuring up images from Very Bad Things