Thursday, January 13, 2005

There's no such thing as global warming

The weather here in New England doesn't know what to do with itself.

On Saturday, 6 inches of snow fell. Yeah, I was all over the freshies on the snowboard. Yesterday, more snow started but by bedtime it was sleeting. Today, it got progressively warmer and now, at midnight, it's chucking it down with rain. Tomorrow, it's supposed to snow again. All of this is making it very hard to enjoy the slopes. This is why they say that if you learn to ski/board in the Northeast, you can ride anywhere. I can see now why people are snobs for Colorado snow which is consistenly light and fluffy.

I hit a local newsagent here today, which is in the mall (that's 'maul' for those of you over there, not 'mal' as in mallet) ;~)
It's a good one, even carries Singletrack albeit an issue behind. The editorial pic is the one of Chipps wearing my niece's pink foam pillow on his head. She and my sister were very excited to see that the pillow is now famous. Today, I picked up a copy of Bitch. Hate the title, but like some of what the mag has to say. They call it the "feminist response to pop culture".

You'll be happy to know that there are ad's for Mooncup's and the like in it.

I've been looking for titles to add to Dr. Jon's collection of weird magazines. When I was there last he was proudly displaying his copy of New Zealand Pig Hunter. I actually found a copy of Boar Hunter which I guess is the 'Merican version. Rather than give him another likeminded mag, I'm leaning towards "Rubber Stamp Madness", for those rubber stamp enthusiasts out there. I bet they have a forum and everything.

Oh, iTunes just popped up what I call SteveM's theme song right now: Journey to the End of the Earth by AiM. If personalities had a song, that would be Steve's.

Maybe I'll add that to my list of theories. Every personality has an appropriate song. It might be harder to apply the scientific method to that one than to the "every meal has a perfect bite", or "every ride has a perfect bit of trail' theories.

At least you get an AiM song, Steve. I could have just as easily been inspired by some Chumbawumba.


steve said...

"At least you get an AiM song, Steve. I could have just as easily been inspired by some Chumbawumba."

Hmmm...., that could have caused some offence ;-)

G as in Chris said...

Far be it for me to be offensive!



steve said... for MSN stuff ;-)