Friday, January 21, 2005

Throw the cool points out the window

Yesterday I was reminded why I sometimes hate people. I was also reminded about how easily people are led, and quick to join in on something that they think will make them look cool. This time, it was shrouded in negativity though, and I got myself caught up in it trying to be a voice of reason, and point out that someone was being an ass.

I know I shouldn't get myself into these things. In the end it doesn't really do me any good to get so worked up. I just think that too many people are willing to stand by and not speak up when they see someone behaving badly. I know it's just the internet. And I'm probably guilty of hiding behind the keyboard just like people who make shithead comments. Who knows if I'd be as willing to speak my mind in 'real life'.


Got to see some sheep in a film tonight. Made me smile. I thought of Piers and his soon-to-arrive lambs.

Finally got back on the snowboard yesterday. Had some good runs, then the wind started blowing a little too much for comfort. It was the beginning of yet another Canadian Clipper that dropped the temperature to -4F when I woke up this morning. More snow is on the way, though! Hopefully I'll have one more day on the board before making my now overdue trip back to the folks' house.

Had a long conversation on the phone the other day with the Trek people. I'm very optimistic about the job at this point, without counting my chickens too soon.

5 days until my attempt to break back into the country.


Kelvin said...

You might not feel as free to speak your mind in 'real life' but then you are less likely to need to. When dealing with people via computer one can often feel like a designated driver, the only sober person in the world of the inebriated. A lot of this is simply due to the loss of nuance that is present and more easily detectible in conversation or proper writing, all though I'm sure you're right that the protection offered by anonymity does allow seem people to simply act the twat.

Nick said...

I was riding home from Yorkshire the other day. There was a field full of ewes by one side of the road. Some of them had green paint on their backs, others where unmarked.

Also in the field was a huge great Tup with green paint all over his belly and big smile on his face.

That and your description of Piers wrestling his Ram made me wonder about the origins of Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling. You'll have to ask for an explanation of Blue Peter and John Noakes next time you're in the UK.

Then I reached the bottom of a 1-in-8 climb and my mind turned to hurt instead.