Saturday, June 11, 2005

I guess emotions can be like a light switch

So we're back in Tayhas yet again, but this time in Austin. We decided that we were going to make ourselves go out in non-logoed clothes, and actually check out some night life. We were directed to 6th street, which as it turns out is basically lined on both sides with one bar after another. I can't figure out how anyone would be able to designate one as their 'favorite'.

We walked up and down for a bit looking for a place to get some food, and wound up in Buffalo Billiards. It was an alright place with good burgers and pool tables. They also had an air hockey table that of course, was out of order. Denied.

I was reminded that bar hopping is not my scene. In hindsight, I feel like I tolerated it for the sake of doing something social. I really don't think that the people around us were the type that either of us really would hang out with. None of the guys in these places are the kind that I'd want to chat with, and I'm sure the same is true of me for them. I did actually flirt with a guy that served us ice cream. It was fun, and he was the first person that was worth the effort that I've seen in a while.
We passed a punk bar on the way back to the car that I would have gone in were it not for the early wake up the next morning. It gave me flashbacks to my office job days where I spent a lot of time feeling like a fish out of water, and unable to relate to most of the people around me. All in all, I'm looking forward to getting to Boulder where we'll have a chance to hang out with some people that we already like.

We start the drive to Colorado tomorrow, which is something we are both looking forward to. Then I'm off home to visit mom and dad for a few days and to deal with what I'm sure is a huge pile of mail. I might actually get to ride my bike, too.

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