Sunday, October 09, 2005

False flats

So yesterday, I was in my car on my way to find this new place to ride when I got a call from Maverick Ray. He invited me to the Maverick HQ for 'Margarita Friday'. I did a bad thing and turned the car around. I was having trouble finding the place to ride anyway, a problem which has since been solved using the aid of Google maps. I did ride from the house to the office, though, so in a way I did ride yesterday. Anyone who's had one of Ray's marg's knows that it's just not something you pass up.

Today I was supposed to meet up with my friend John to do a ride on the southwest side of Denver. I had my alarm set, and when it when off I reached over, turned it off, and promptly fell back to sleep. I woke up an hour later and realized there was no way I'd make the ride on time. I had to make the phone call of guilt to let John know.

I did manage to break myself free of the sloth to go for a road ride though. I was planning to head to the place I couldn't find yesterday, but the need for more immediate ride satisfaction, combined with the ease of the road being just out the door, was enough to override myself and pound the pavement. I have to say that this particular loop that I do here is rather breathtaking. It goes along the foothills north out of Boulder, then turns to the east away from the mountains. Since it's a big square, the ride back into town is rather picturesque, with a great view of the tall peaks that goes for miles. Of course, around here any ride that takes you away from the hills is going to mean you'll be doing a gradual climb all the way back. Funny how terrain that looks flatter than any flatness can make your heart rate jump and the lactic acid build up in your legs.

I found out earlier this evening that we're under a winter storm advisory until Monday. Hard to believe since it was 80 degrees here today. The forecast calls for snow to start falling sometime tomorrow afternoon and continue through the night. Ah, the transition of the seasons. I'm hoping it holds off long enough for me to squeeze in a ride. 'Course that would require me to get my ass off the couch before noon.

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