Sunday, May 03, 2009

Day 4-Port Huron, MI

Woke up in Warren again this morning with the intention of heading north 54 miles to Port Huron. I'd stopped there last year at a park located under the bridge to Canada, so that was the destination for the morning. Frazier got a nice swim in Lake Huron before Random kindly chucked the ball too far from shore, into the current. Despite being about 15 feet from the shore, the water was too deep and the ball too far for F's old legs to swim out. Another ball bites the dust, or floats away as the case may be. Friggin' Random.

We sat around in the park for a while just enjoying the day, then Rando's belly alarm starting going off again. We went into downtown Port Huron in search of food, and found a diner with outside seating and a sign advertising 'Steamed Burgers As Seen On The Travel Channel'. Result! We were sold on the steamed burgers after the waitress gave us the description of them. "The fat steams off but the flavor doesn't. And the white cheddar cheese is steamed as well, so the end result is that it's gooey." Who doesn't want to eat something described as 'gooey'!?

After lunch, it was time for Rando to head back over the border into Canadia. It was great to see him as always, and I truly appreciated the company. Thanks, pal. Can't wait to see you in the future.

I was at a loss for what to do next. I spaced and didn't make arrangements for tonight, so I wasn't sure where I was going to stay, or what my plan was for tomorrow. I thought about heading inland towards Frankenmuth. My mother recommended that. I looked around for a wireless signal to use the power of the internet, but couldn't find one. I wound up spotting a Petsmart and replaced the lost ball with a fresh one, and then saw a Barnes and Noble and killed an hour buying books, one of which was a Michigan guide. I went back to another lakeside park I'd seen so Frazier could have another swim with a new ball to fetch. Then I called around to find out which hotels allowed pets, and settled on the Comfort Inn. It was almost 6pm. Using the time to pick a shot of the day, write this post, read up on Michigan, and lounge around was more appealing that driving for a couple of hours into the unknown.

Not sure what the agenda is for tomorrow. I'd really like to do a ride along the water in the morning, and then I will probably head off in some direction. I have until Thursday to be in Traverse City, which is on the western shore of the State.

Stay tuned.

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