Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Day 6-The Joy of Riding A Cross Bike

As the neon says on the hotel sign, YES!

I went for an ACE ride today! Let me back up...

I did some work this morning, then called the very kind Jan who offered to let me keep Frazier in her back yard. I took him over at noon and met up with Jan, who had ridden her own bike back from the office (this town is overwhelmingly bike friendly, and there are people on bikes everywhere). Frazier was happy to be outside and running around with Jan's two Golden Retrievers. I left and I'm not sure he realized I was gone.

Then it was off to an embroidery shop to get a couple of new shirts I bought logo'd up with the new Trek Women graphics. They should look pretty sweet. And cool. Literally, since they are DriFit.

At last, I got back to the hotel and prepared for a ride. I had planned to check out the rail trail that runs through town and then out along the western side of West Bay. I rode from this end of town, through the downtown area of Traverse City, then along the bay for a while before cutting in to the trail. This really is a nice bike path. At some point, the coast gets hilly, and the trail follows the old railroad bed between one set of hills, and another that lies west of that, near Lake Leelanau, another significantly large lake. It was gorgeous. I went through thick pine forrest, orchards, farms, and rolling hills of green, green grass. Eventually, the pavement ended and turned into double track. I was so happy to be on the cross bike. It made the ride so much better, and exciting. I loved having the right bike for a variety of surfaces, and not being forced to carry on via road.

I was a little conscious about the time. Jan had to be out by 6pm, and it was getting to be 4. I was hoping to go all the way out to Sutton's Bay, which would have been 40 miles or so round trip, but I didn't want to take advantage of Jan's kindness and keep Frazier there any longer than I had to. I cut back over to the paved road along the shoreline to speed things up. I got back just before 5, and headed to pick up F after a quick shower. 33 miles and change of mixed-surface, view-laden, cross bikin' lovliness. The only thing that would have made this ride better was to have you, my lovely readers, along with me. All 2 of you.

Frazier was rewarded with a nice swim in the bay again, and I had plans to reward myself with another self-made meal and some serious damage to the bottle of Moscato I had chilling in the fridge. I didn't have an opener, so after my ride today I went and got one of those cheap travel ones, instead of paying the 4 extra clams for a proper waiter's friend type.

I pulled, and yanked, and caused bones and tendons and veins to bulge out from my arm, but no amount of strength was enough to budge the cork. I gave up and unwound the opener. I heard a 'pssshhh' of air, which suggested that I'd poked a hole in the cork. For fun, I thought I'd see what would happen if I tried taking a swig. Lo and behold, with a little water bottle-like sucking action, I was able to extract the wine from the bottle.

I've now had nearly half the bottle via this method. It just doesn't get any more classy than this.


I'm not really gay said...

classy, very classy

the ride sounds good, I've been running on a treadmill tonight, I'd happily swap

Dean said...

You are one classy chick.

Ride sounds ace - had a similarly joyful ride on the 'cross bike last night - left work in a mood, rode until after dark = happy :^)